The Wizarding World of Harry Potter opened at Universal Studios in April 2016. Ever since that summer not only did I finally had an excuse to buy the Universal Pass, it also meant I could bring out my inner Gryffindor. I have stocked up on many items strictly related to my House.

Many visitors and tourists always ask me where I bought my items. After three years of keeping it to myself I decided it would be fun to share some of my favorite items. Some items are limited edition and not sold anymore. However here is my top six favorites. Do keep in mind some items are sold on site at Universal Studios, some items are not or both. Keep an eye out on my next blog post as well. I will get to share some of my favorite pins I have collected for all the pin enthusiasts out there.


House of Gryffindor Reversible Style Scarf is my ultimate favorite. I always receive compliments on my scarf during the Winter season and fans always ask where I bought it. The scarf is best fit for teens and adults, it is 81 inches in length, has the House Coat of Arms and you can wear the scarf both sides. It’s also the best scarf to keep you warm during the winter versus the other materials I have seen on the market.

The Noble Collection for the House of Gryffindor pen is my favorite collectable item I have purchased. The pen itself is 7 inches and it really is as beautiful as in the photo. The pen is also heavy  so it is better to keep as a collectable rather then write. It is also a ball point pen but the downside is it has no cap. Best part is it does come in it’s own protective box so you can easily put it anywhere in the room on a shelf or an office desk.

The lanyard is the first item I purchased at my favorite shop Filch’s Emporium of Confiscated Goods. The version I bought is actually not available anymore. This lanyard is a good alternative because it has some similarities. It includes the charm, same style for the lanyard and clear ID patch. What is new in this version is it includes the sticker.

What is a pen without a journal right. After I had purchased my collectable Gryffindor pen I just had to buy a matching journal. There are a few styles but this one is my favorite. It includes the bookmarks, hardcover and it has the metal crest which is used a magnet to close the journal.


Harry Potter fans would be complete without the book collection. Now we may have purchased the books over the years but this book is special because it is the House of Gryffindor version. An absolute must have for book collectors. Best part is there are two different styles for each house.





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